The meteoric rise of the CoronaVirus, has united communities and spurred numerous random acts of kindness by many. Here’s a running list of what I have compiled so far. Please consider partaking in one or some of these activities.

Ideas for everyone

• Restaurant gift certificates: buy gift certificates from restaurants you frequent. Check out SaveOurFaves if you live in the Bay Area.
• Send food to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic while simultaneously supporting small businesses
• Drive-by Happy Hour: anonymously drop off bottles of wines at neighbors’ doorsteps, ring the bell and disappear. Credit: Hunter Walk.
• Blood donation: help compensate thousands of blood drives cancelled.
• Donations: donate to a food bank and other places who are desperately in need. Here’s a Feeding America food bank locator in the U.S.
• Corporate giving: convince your employer to form focused teams to solve medical/health care pain points & participate in them.
• Helping neighbors: check in with elderly neighbors/friends to do supermarket shopping or find out if they are out of something.
• Medical supplies donations: donate unused masks/gloves and other protective equipment to local hospitals.
• Cook for others: making home-made food and dropping some by a friend’s door.
• Tip generously: if you’re using ride sharing, food delivery, etc., consider tipping 2-3 times what you would otherwise.
• Advance pay: if you have a maid, babysitter that you don’t have work for them right now, pay them for future services.

If you are an artist, instructor, or a musician

• Free art: if you’re an artist, consider streaming free performances, or giving away your music for free.
• Free exercise: if you’re a trainer, consider livestreaming your physical exercise classes such as Yoga.

For entrepreneurs

• Hiring: compile, contribute or share list of companies still hiring
• Investing: if you’re an entrepreneur, help compile list of angels still investing.
• Donations for professionals: a platform allowing entertainers/teachers to stream sessions while accepting donations.
• A Pay Forward website: build a platform where one could pay someone for a future service.

Students and Researchers

• Donate unused medical supplies: If you are affiliated with Universities that are currently closed, see if there is a way to find out if the labs such as physics and chemistry that used goggles, face shields, masks, gowns, gloves can donate those to local hospitals.

Nice and Free

• Stay home!
• Drive carefully: the worst thing that can happen is to get hospitalized due to an accident during these difficult times.
• Information access: help spread good information, fight misinformation
• Talk to someone: reach out to people who are anxious or need an ear.
• Connect with friends: reach out to folks who are not expecting to hear from you. You’ll make their day.
• Reconnect with your community: reach out to people you used to regularly see around.
• Connect with coworkers: talk about daily routines with remote coworkers.
• Stop buying medical PPE: there is a shortage now for medical/dental professionals who have to use them to see patients. Don’t buy them if you don’t need them.

Have more ideas? Please share and I’ll add them to the above list.

Image: Scripps Media, Inc.