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If Picasso Were to Paint The Mona Lisa

Ever wondered how Picasso could have painted The Mona Lisa?

I used the ideas of Neural Style Transfer presented by Andrew Ng in his deep learning course to optimize hidden layer activations of a pretrained Convolutional Neural Network (ConvNet) to generate one!

The algorithm was fed the image of Mona Lisa painting as well as a second “style image” representing Picasso’s painting style. I then used Tensorflow to optimize the ConvNet in 200 iterations. Here is the input and output.

The following video shows the generated image being progressively built (intermediate results are rendered every 10 iterations.)

Android Power and Battery Management: A Look Underneath The Hood

When it comes to mobility, battery life is a paramount concern and a key selling feature for mobile phone manufacturers. Tech giants such as Google and Apple spend a significant amount of time to fully optimize and improve battery life and performance characteristics of their mobile devices. Recent concerns about iOS11’s hunger for power consumption indicates a 60% higher battery decay rate causing many to hold off updating to the latest iOS version which could potentially cause significant business and brand damage to a Apple. While batteries are getting better, demand for power is also increasing with the proliferation and ubiquity of services available on smartphones.

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